Current Work

Beneath & Beyond: The Hidden Landscape
I love the landscape of the British Isles: the rocks we scramble over, the different earths and soils we trudge along whilst out walking. That solid beneath our feet - what lies there? And what is further along the pathway? The history, and mystery, of ‘beneath’ and ‘beyond’ continues to feed my curiosity with intriguing possibilities to explore in paint.
Oil paints mixed with cold wax medium is, for me, the perfect medium for using paint in an intuitive, semi-abstract way. Layers of paint can be built up and then dug into, scraped and excavated back, revealing the history beneath. It is intriguing, exciting, often frustrating, but never boring to paint like this!
Veils of paint can also be layered over a composition then softly dissolved away to reveal an aspect of landscape seen through different weathers and atmospheres, evoking a sense of mystery or legend, and times past.
It is especially rewarding when viewers can relate to my work in their own personal way.
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Jennie Fletcher